About us

Welcome to Syndicate's official website. We are an Agar.io clan that tries to strive for perfection, while having fun.  We have over 35 members, and plan to be even bigger one day.  Help us in our journey to fame, fortune, and perfection.


In November 2015, we were a clan that was doing very successful until the top 10 members of our clan left and betrayed us.  The clan was dead for a long time, until in late February, when former founder Sect, revived the clan and brought many of the originals back.  We're staying alive, and will never stop until we get the respect and recognition we deserve.  We are always striving for perfection and looking for ways to improve in skill, and as people. 

We'll won't fail again.  We're sure of it.

How to join

So now that you've read about us, you probably want to join the clan.  There are 3 ways to join Syndicate. Fear not, they are easy to do, and you just have to do one of them.

1) Join our Google+ community here.

2) Come to our Discord Server and ask if you could join here.

3) Come to our Discord Server with the official clan tag on, which is: ༺ψ༻

We have no requirements for joining, at least as of now. No testing needed